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UTICOR Automation GmbH, established in 1976, is engaged in the sales, service and technical support of Industrial PCs, Message Displays and Man Machine Interfaces.
In our European branch office in Moenchengladbach, Germany we provide support to our European Customers and Distributors.
In Germany we develop and produce Industrial Monitors, Industrial PCs and Panel PCs.  All other products are developed and produced in our Plant in USA.

Our office in Moenchengladbach


UTICOR Automation GmbH is a subsidiary of AVG Automation USA.

AVG (Autotech-Viktron-Group), established in 1975, is a vertically integrated group of companies which designs and manufactures state of the art electronic products, cost effectively, for the best Return on Investment for their customers.
UTICOR is part of the division Industrial Automation.

Teamwork The development of Hard- and Software as well as the production is completely done in our own premises. Aproximately 150 employees in production and 30 engineers take care of that. Because we have all Know-How available, we can guarantee a long system availability. At the moment some of our customers are still using our PLCs and Welding systems which were developed in 1968. Then back in 1968 UTICOR was world wide one of the first three companies who developed PLCs.

Every product is tested for 48 or 96 hours, to make sure that early failures are recognized before the product leaves our factory.  This leads to an trouble free operation of many years.

Quality on Display
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